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Mechanical Design

CAD Software: Solid works

Analysis Software: Ansys

Material handled: Sheet Metal (SS, MS, Al, Cu), Plastics (PP,PU,ABS), Rubber, Silicon, Nylon


▪ CNC Machining

▪ Mould designs

▪ 3D printing

▪ Vacuum casting

▪ Injection Moulding

▪ Expertise on DFM

▪ Proto building

▪ Limited and volume manufacturing

​Our proficient mechanical and engineering teams specialize in sheet metal, plastics, and machining, equipping us to deliver comprehensive 3D and 2D manufacturing documentation. Our commitment to quality extends to every design, with rigorous stress analysis, Finite Element Method (FEM), and thermal analysis conducted to ensure product reliability.

In our pursuit of holistic product development, we engage in the creation of test jigs, bespoke machinery, and the integration of robotics where needed. Additionally, our extensive network of partners provides access to a spectrum of services, including high-resolution 3D printing, vacuum casting, tooling expertise, and scalable volume manufacturing. This collaborative ecosystem empowers us to meet project-specific requirements efficiently and effectively.

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