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Industrial Design

ARDA Pvt Ltd has a highly proficient Design Team that makes sure the Engineering & Aesthetics part are met in each Product Design by taking the below aspects into consideration:-

  •  DFX - Design For Excellence

  •  DFM/DFA - Design for  Manufacturability/Design for Assembly

  •  DFT - Design for Testing

  •  DFC - Design For Component Availability

  •  DFC: Design for Cost

Creating products that combine aesthetic appeal, functionality, and ergonomic design is paramount to ensuring customer satisfaction and success. Striking the right balance among these aspects is pivotal, showcasing the key product attributes to boost its appeal. At Amara Raja Design Alpha, we benefit from an in-house industrial design team with a solid background in mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes.

Unlike the traditional approach of designing the external shape first and then fitting in components, our methodology prioritizes internal modeling before shaping the outer industrial design. This strategy ensures optimal functionality and efficient use of space. At Amara Raja Design Alpha, we also place a strong emphasis on manufacturability and cost optimization for tooling, which helps in delivering cost-effective and high-quality products to our customers.

To achieve the intended product performance, we integrate user feedback and insights from each stage of the user's journey. This customer-centric approach allows us to fine-tune our designs and create products that not only look great but also excel in delivering a superior user experience.

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