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Electronics Analog and Mixed Signal Designs

Expertise in:

Hardware Circuit Modeling and simulation: PSpice, Spice       Advanced Analysis

SI EMC and thermal :Hyperlynx, Ansoft HFSS and ANSYS.

RF system Design : Ansoft Designer and ADSSchematic  PCB Design-Orcad, Allegro, PCAD, Mentor Graphics Dx designer,Boardstation, Expedition PCB.FPGA,

The focus is on developing optimal systems that integrate electronic circuits and systems, grounded in precise engineering calculations and meticulous attention to detail. Mixed-signal electronics, on the other hand, involves the combination of both analog and digital circuitry within a single electronic system. These systems are capable of processing both continuous analog signals and discrete digital signals, making them suitable for applications where the interaction between the analog and digital domains is essential. Fundamental and basic  knowledge of managing analog signals as well as dense digital in a mixed signal configuration  can be gained only through years of hands on experience in building such circuits.  In most of the circuits, there can be sensors giving out very low analog signals, complex digital operations and processing, communication protocols like Bluetooth, WIFI, LORA, 5G, etc. Containing all these circuits and making them co-exist with no interference  within limited floor space is a task itself.  A significant aspect of this process is proper PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design. This involves ideating and creating new, optimal PCB Gerber designs tailored for real-world applications and experiences taking into consideration the EMI/EMC aspects. Compliance testing is a crucial stage, where the electronic systems undergo third party standard compliance tests . These tests are vital for evaluating the systems against industry standards, ensuring they meet the required criteria for safety, functionality, and efficiency. Each of these stages play a pivotal role in the comprehensive process of hardware design, contributing to the creation of high-quality, reliable, and efficient electronic systems

ARDA follows very systematic design, simulation, proto build, board bring up, pre-compliance testing processes to realise circuits.

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